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    Dr Jordan Institute

& Fakrutu


SIREN – opera, spoken word, madhouse, listen, shiver, and enjoy

Dr. Jordan Institute presents its new performance: SIREN, in which classical music, electro, jazz, and Caribbean folklore seamlessly blend together.
Soprano Nicole Jordan, hailing from Trinidad & Tobago and Canada, sings and recites about the sirens: the mythical water creatures and powerful female figures. A performance about African and Caribbean spirituality.

Dr. Jordan Institute is a collaboration between Nicole Jordan and the unconventional jazz trio Fakrutu: Mark Tuinstra (guitar), Sean Fasciani (bass), and Stefan Kruger (drums).

Photo by: Merlijn Doomernik
 Photo byKate Hayter
Photo by: Merlijn Doomernik

Let yourself be carried away by La Diablesse, Mama de l'Eau, Chopin, Stravinsky, and Dr. Dre.


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Mama D'Leau (derived from the French Maman de l'eau or "Mother of the River"), also known as Mama Dlo and Mama Glo, is the protector and healer of all river animals, according to the folklore of islands such as Trinidad and Tobago and Dominica. She is usually depicted as a beautiful woman with long hair, who sits on upper body and arms and from her waist downwards twists into coils. Her tongue becomes forked and she holds a golden comb which she passes through her snaky hair.

La Diablesse or Ladjablès is a character in Caribbean folklore. According to folklore, she was an enslaved African woman who made a deal with Le Diable (the Devil) to give her soul to him, becoming a demi-demon, in exchange for eternal beauty

To others, her poise, figure, and dress make her seem beautiful. However, her hideous face is hidden by a large brimmed hat, and her long dress hides the fact that one leg ends in a cow hoof. She walks with one foot on the road and her cow hoof in the grass at the side of the road. She smells distinctly of a mix of fine perfume and deadly decay.

She can cast spells on her unsuspecting male victim, whom she leads into the forest. When in the forest, she disappears. The victim, confused, lost, and scared, run around the forest until he falls into a ravine or river, or gets eaten by a wild dog and dies.

To break the spell of La Diablesse, one must turn their clothing inside out, light a sacred candle, and walk home backward, away from the last area in which she was spotted.

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